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Winchester Cakes and Bakes

Tuesday 13th February 2018, 7pm
Winchester Cakes and Bakes

As we’re meeting on Shrove Tuesday, this month we thought we’d celebrate the flavours associated with the humble pancake – it could be the classic lemon and sugar, all American with blueberries or bacon and maple syrup, classy like a Crepe Suzette or perhaps you’ll go savoury with ingredients like duck or cheese and ham?  The choice is yours.  Please note – your bake does not actually have to include pancakes (unless you want it to of course!).

All welcome as long as you bring a bake to share.  Bakes can be sweet or savoury.  There is no facility to heat food or to cook here though, so please don’t bring along a pan and some batter!

It’s not a competition and all are welcome, professional or amateur.  The only rule is that you must bring a bake.  We’ll taste each other’s creations and maybe take some slices home to share.

If you can, please let us know you’ll be attending so we know who to expect – you can email us on  – there’s no charge for attendance.

For more details check out the Winchester Cakes and Bakes website here.

Please note: All items have been baked in people’s home kitchens and we assume, but cannot guarantee, that everyone will bake with due regard to appropriate hygiene standards. For guidance on safe baking please see Winchester City Council’s website here.

Please transport your bakes in a container with a secure lid and ensure that any cakes containing fresh cream or lightly cooked/raw egg are kept refrigerated. Please use pasteurised cream and lion branded eggs for these types of bake.

It is likely that bakes will contain allergens including but not limited to gluten, dairy and nuts.  If you have any allergies or intolerances, you are expected to check for yourself whether any item of food is safe for you to eat before you do so and we ask bakers to bring with them a full list of ingredients in their bakes.

Attendance at any Winchester Cakes and Bakes event is at your own risk.  Neither Winchester Cakes and Bakes nor Toscanaccio can take any responsibility for illness or injury occurring as a result of eating any bakes at one of our meetings.

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Tuesday 13th February 2018




Toscanaccio, 73 Parchment Street, Winchester





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