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Twisted Nose vermouth is here!

The latest release from the local Winchester Distillery under their Twisted Nose brand is a dry twist on vermouth. Using wine sourced from Hampshire Vineyard Danebury Paul is keeping the secret blend of herbs and roots he’s using close to his chest! There’s no mistaking the wormwood in there though – after an initial hit of rose it provides a long bitter hit through the mid palate which softens to a moreish finish of herbs with just a hint of sweetness.

We found that we had to drag ourselves away from just drinking it over ice (deliciously refreshing), after all, you’ll be wanting to try your hand at some cocktails!

We tried:

– Gin Martini – using Twisted Nose gin in the ratio of 1/3 vermouth to 2/3 gin. We’re normally dry martini drinkers so it was great to find a vermouth which didn’t ‘water down’ our drink. Add a dash of grapefruit bitters if you like and of course, a twist of grapefruit!

– Manhattan – 1/3 vermouth to 2/3 whisky. Add a drop of bitters and a maraschino cherry. This was my surprise favourite of the evening, I’m a whisky straight up kinda gal but the vermouth accentuated the sweeter aspects of the whisky.

– Negroni – equal parts gin, vermouth and campari. Need I say more? Your summer is sorted!

All three Twisted Nose products, including the wasabi vodka are available now in-store and online