New Arrivals – reds

New Arrivals - Reds

Last week, our trusted customer tasting panel sat down with six brand new red wines (almost, but let’s not delve into the mysteries of missing stock). The fate of these wines was in their hands – would they survive to become part of the permanent range?

There were four lucky survivors – praised for their structure, fruit character, drinkability and of course – well priced.

The favourite of the evening, inching into pole position by one point was Vesevo Aglianico at £12 liked for its smooth, jammy plum fruit, hints of spice mingling with winter fruit coulis. As one customer put it “I could drink a lot of this wine. Quickly”

Tufarello Nero di Troia, also at £12 was the next hit. Labelled as “interesting” and “like a box of chocolates” the sweet, ripe fruit with savoury, earthy undertones was an instant hit.

Cantina Goccia’s Nodo at £15.90 was the next hit – though the room became a little more divided over this one as it had a lot more poise and tannic structure which not everyone was a fan of. Spicy plum fruit on the nose and noticeably older then the other wines the palate had ripe cherry fruit and a touch of leather. Definitely a food wine – the general consensus was that it would be great with a roast. My favourite customer comment has to be “my mouth is happy”!

We had a little bit of a debate over Hecula Monastrell £9.50, it didn’t score as high as the others but it was felt that it had been rated unfairly originally. It has “more legs than a spider” and is rich and oaky with complex layers of rustic blackberry fruit, olives and black pepper.

Stock of all these wines is now available in store or online – click the name links to be taken directly to the product pages for more information.

If you’re interested in being on the panel for our Customer Choice – Whites tasting on 30th April then book your place now!