Antonella Corda

Antonella Corda, the granddaughter of the famed viticulturalist Antonio Argiolas, founded her winery in 2010 after finishing her masters in viticulture and winemaking at the prestigious Edmund Mach Foundation. Her approach blends a proud, century-old family tradition of winemaking with ambition and innovation.

Antonio, who lived to the age of 104, left Antonella two of his prized vineyards, located around the village of Serdiana, a few kilometres north of Cagliari. The mild climate, water availability and the rich calcareous soils here give the wines a unique character and a signature freshness. Antonella follows a sustainable approach and the vineyards are farmed organically.

The Cannonau comes from the Mitza S‘Ollastu vineyard. Here the soil, a mixture of clay, loam, sand and pebbles, ensures the perfect balance to give the wine a decisive character. Thanks to the very light use of oak, Antonella has created a very elegant wine with typical Cannonau aromas, very delicate tannins and a spicy hint of white pepper on the finish.