Unbound by tradition yet mindful of the practices of their ancestors, this family-owned winery has gradually reached the pinnacle of producers in the Barolo region in a relatively short period of time. The story begins in 1977 with Sandrone’s founder, the late Luciano Sandrone, who bought a parcel of less than a hectare in Cannubi Boschis, the undisputed cradle of Barolo. Over the next 40 years the winery would go on to acquire plots in Barolo and Roero, with the producer now spanning across 27 hectares.

Luciano’s daughter Barbara and brother Luca now sit at the helm of the company, with his wife Mariuccia. The third generation, in the form of Alessia, is very much involved in the day-to-day running of the winery. The wines of Sandrone are expressions of elegance and finesse and speak of the land they come from. Sustainability and heritage are taken very seriously, and the family’s ultimate goal is to achieve the highest quality possible for each of the six wines, while showing the terroir of the different vineyards.