Vesevo is situated in the Irpinian hills of Campania. Known as the ‘Switzerland of the South’, this is one of Italy’s most exciting wine-producing areas. The vineyards, planted between 450 and 700 metres above sea level, are subjected to a constant cool breeze that blows off the Bay of Naples. Over the centuries, this same breeze has blown volcanic ash from Mount Vesuvius inland, giving the soil here a poor, volcanic character.

Winemaker Antonio Melone carries the flavours obtained in the vineyard into the winery. The Aglianico hails from the warmer area of Benevento and offers a fine, affordable example of one of Italy’s greatest grapes.

The whites are fermented at lower ‘New Zealand-esque’ temperatures (13 – 14°C), resulting in purer flavours being captured. The Falanghina shows delicate perfumes of white flowers with mineral notes to complement the full, ripe palate.