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Pusser’s Rum Blue Label


In a Nutshell

The original Admiralty blend of five West Indian rums produced for centuries for the British Navy.

Tasting Notes

Dark amber in colour with a classic nose of Demerara sugar, molasses, dried fruits and caramel with hints of spice. A full and rounded rum with a long, spicy finish. Perfect for cocktails!

Production Notes

In the British Navy all of a vessel's stores are purchased and managed by the Purser (or Pusser). In this way anything that comes from those stores is described as the Pussers. Rum was one of the items required on board, sailors were given a tot of rum (which could be anything up to a pint of the spirit) each day. This grand tradition started in the 17th century, and was only phased out in the 1970s.

In 1979, Charles Tobias entrepreneur and adventurer sought to resurrect the Pussers Rum tradition. He obtained the rights and all the blending information from the Admiralty, and formed Pussers Ltd. on Tortola in the British Virgin Islands and began bottling and selling this historic British spirit in 1980 to the public for the first time. British Navy Pussers Rum is the same Admiralty blend of five West Indian rums, still produced in exact accordance with the Admiralty's specifications for rum including an oak wooden still first first used over 200 years ago, the flavours from the still have a huge impact on the flavour, smoothness and colour of Pussers.

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