Italian Wine & Food in the heart of Winchester

Italian Wine & Food in the heart of Winchester

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Wine Tasting – Female Winemakers

Thursday 5th March 2020, 7pm
Female Winemakers

International Women’s Day falls on the 8th March and serves as a focal point as we strive for gender equality. This year we wanted to host a tasting to highlight the inequality that exists in wine making, but rather than focus on the negative we’re highlighting the positive.

The world of wine is still dominated by men, and wine making expertise is usually passed down the male line. Women are not excluded completely from the wine production business but are more often found in administrative or sales roles.

We’ll be celebrating some of the women that are breaking the mould and paving the way for the next generation of women to have more choice about their careers.

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Thursday 5th March 2020




Toscanaccio, 73 Parchment Street, Winchester




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