Cantina Atzei

Atzei is the newest Farnese project in Sardinia, a region that stole Valentino Sciotti’s heart since he worked there before starting his impressive career in wine. The oenological team is headed by Dennis Verdicchia supported by Sardinian winemaker Daniele Manca and with the consultancy of Alberto Antonini. They produce high quality wines from selected vineyards that are planted around the village of Mogoro just south of Oristano in the southwestern part of the Island. As with the other Farnese ventures, this new project aims to produce wines from lesser-known regions and varieties which are particularly suitable for the production of quality wines.

The red ‘Saragat’ Monica is made from the indigenous Monica, a grape variety grown only in some areas of the island. A strict selection in the vineyards ensures great concentration of flavours, and once temperature controlled fermentation is complete the wine is aged in French oak barrels for six months. The resulting wine has intense notes of marasca cherry and plum with a hint of spice on the palate; it shows great balance and is underpinned by a remarkable depth.