Cantine di Custoza

The small village of Custoza gives its name to the denomination in the southwestern corner of the Province of Verona, very close to the border with Lombardia. It is famous across Italy as the site of two major 19th century battles of the Italian Risorgimento. This cooperative, situated southeast of Lake Garda, was founded in 1968 and now counts 300 members who farm over 1000 hectares of vineyard. Matt’s Thompson's influence is felt at this winery, for some of the processes he introduced are now overseen by local winemaker Luca Oliosi. Cantina di Custoza formed a recent partnership with Cantina Valpantena, which adds significant oenological capability from Michele Peroni on the winemaking front and, of course, Luca Degani, who has led Valpantena since 1994.

The area is characterised by low hills formed by glacial deposits, resulting in soils that are ideal for the vine. There are several different varieties cultivated, primarily Trebbiano, Garganega, Incrocio Manzoni, Friulano and Cortese, locally called Fernanda. Custoza DOC wine is always made from a blend of these varieties, which are picked and crushed separately.

After a soft pressing and temperature-controlled fermentation at around 16°C, the wine is racked and prepared for an early bottling to preserve the fresh and delicate aromatics that are the hallmark of white wines from this area.