Cantine Innocenti

The estate lies between Montepulciano and Montefollonico and consists of about 32 hectares of which 12 are specialised vineyards, situated between 330 and 350 metres above sea level on medium-textured clay soils of Pliocene origin. The cellar buildings, dating back to end of the 13th century, are in the small, well-preserved medieval town of Montefollonico.    

Aged in oak for two years and made from Prugnolo (plummy) Gentile (the local name for Sangiovese), Canaiolo Nero and Mammolo grapes, the Innocenti version is ruby red in colour tending towards garnet with age. It is a dense, spicy wine with cinnamon, plums and tea flavours finishing dry and slightly tannic with a delicate scent of violets.