Dossi Retici

The family of Elena Meago and Bruno Credaro have produced wines for five generations in Valtellina (northern Lombardy alpine district, on the Swiss border), having started in the late XIX century.

Until the end of the ’90s the whole production was entirely sold in Switzerland in bulk. With the Swiss market declining, the family created “Dossi Retici” winery and started bottling its own production. Located in Montagna in Valtellina, Lombardy, the estate owns several tiny plots for a total of 3 hectares of vineyards, grown on spectacular stony terraces built centuries ago between 450 – 550 mts ASL.

The Valtellina valley is a Mediterranean enclave (olive trees manage to ripen there) surrounded by colder areas marked by continental / alpine climate. The Alps behind Valtellina are dominated by the shape of Pizzo Bernina Mountain (4000 mts high) which protects from colder winds and makes summers milder than in the rest of the region. These peculiar climatic conditions allow grapes to follow the right maturation patters in the late summer, achieving high quality results.