Picco del Sole

Picco del Sole is produced in cooperation with winemaker Alessandro Botter. Headed by the third generation of the family, Botter has almost a century of life and is one of the leading Italian wineries on the export market. Over the years, Botter has guaranteed to its customers the highest quality and has gained recognition from top international client thanks to high service, quality, flexibility and innovation. Botter cooperates with the most qualified producers in Veneto, Apulia, Molise, Abruzzo and Sicily. The strong relationship begins in the vineyards and carries all the way through production cycles and bottling.

The name Picco del Sole refers to the ‘peak sun’ and the great importance of sun exposure — crucial not only for the photosynthesis, but also for the heat it provides. Grapes will not ripen in a region that has an average annual temperature of less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit during the growing season. Sardegna is a fantastic example of the importance of the sun in the production of wines, and the result is superb!