As the Prosecco boom gathers pace in the UK, finding an authentic expression of this crowd-pleasing sparkling wine becomes all the more important – and ever more difficult.

Step forward Ruggeri, established by Giustino Bisol in 1950 and now run by his son, Paolo, and grandchildren Giustino and Isabella. This winery’s collection of Proseccos – many bottled as top-quality Prosecco di Valdobbiadene DOCG – are among the finest to be found in the region.

And don’t be misled: Ruggeri may only have been established in 1950 (and it moved to its current home in Valdobbiadene as recently as the early 1990s), but this is a family synonymous with the history of the region. The place name ‘Case Bisoi’ – houses of the Bisols – is found on the area’s oldest maps, and the family has been cultivating grapes here for centuries.

Through this long-standing connection with the region, the Bisols have established unrivalled relationships with more than 100 of the finest grape growers, mainly in the Valdobbiadene municipality.

There’s a particular focus on the prized districts of San Pietro di Barbozza, Santo Stefano and Saccol, but the family also sources grapes from a select band of growers in the lesser-known, but highly sought-after, Cartizze enclave where Ruggeri also has its own vines