Located deep in the heart of the Südtirol, the Tiefenbrunner Castel Turmhof Estate is located in the hamlet of Entiklar, which has been settled since prehistoric times. It is blessed with a centuries-old tradition of winegrowing and the winery itself is named after the 12th Century castle, Castel Turmhof.

In 1968, Hilde and Herbert Tiefenbrunner began bottling their wines instead of selling them off premises. Nowadays their son Christof and his wife Sabine run the winery. They are also fully committed to the winegrowing tradition and the principles of the Tiefenbrunner Estate remain the same: to preserve the character of the grape varieties and to grow the highest quality grapes possible. The estate’s wines are characterised by great finesse and elegance, with their distinct freshness of character being primarily due to the large differences in diurnal temperature in this particular region, which creates perfect ripening conditions. Around 70% of their production are white wines and each parcel of grapes is matched carefully to the soil type and tended with great care and attention.