Villa Raiano

The family-owned winery of Villa Raiano was established in 1996, in the village of Raiano, Campania. In 2009 a new winery was built - on top of a hill amongst vineyards and chestnut woods, overlooking the River Sabato near San Michele di Serino in the Southern Apennines. They are dedicated to producing a range of wines from local varieties Aglianico, Fiano and Greco - primarily sourced (80%) from 20 hectares of their own organically farmed vines, across three DOCGs. They also produce Falanghina from vineyards owned by local growers. Aglianico is harvested from a single, 10 hectare, estate in Castelfranco. Greco grapes are from two, 4 hectare, vineyards in Contrada Marotta, Montefusco. All grow at approximately 450m above sea level. However, more than half the vineyards they source from - across a number of different sites - are given over to Fiano.