Vini Capoverso

Capoverso in italian language means "new paragraph" and is used in Italian when in a document you start a new sentence ending the previous matter and beginning with a new one. In this case Capoverso means a start over on the field of agriculture and winemaking. The estate was founded in 2000 but the family history in wine goes back to the 15th century when the Avignonesi family moved to Montepulciano (probably from France) in to an area relying heavily on winemaking. The family started the production of wine - evidenced by the large cellars underneath the palazzo Avignonesi. Adriana Avignonesi della Lucilla's mother founded Capoverso in 2000 with Adriana joining the company in 2013, which she now owns. Currently production is about 40.000 bottles on 7.5 Hectares divided among Syrah Cortona, Sangiovese Cortona, Rosso di Montepulciano, Vino Nobile e Vin Santo. The wines are based around drinkability and freshness, without sacrificing the structure, which must always be in the second place. That's why the use of wood is limited, using third passage tonneaux or, for the Vino Nobile, traditional 50Hl barrels.