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Cassano Limoncello di Sorrento

Cassano Limoncello di Sorrento

Liqueur | NV | Italy, Campania | 30.0%

Zesty, lively Limoncello from Sorrento.
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A luxurious, refreshing liqueur. Its bright lemon yellow colour is complemented by its extraordinary perfume of fresh lemons. Its taste is a perfect balance of lemon peel bitterness, alcohol, and sweetness.

Product Details

Type Liqueur
Origin Italy, Campania
Vintage NV
Size 0.7 l
ABV 30.0%
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Production Notes

Cassano 1875 uses only the finest lemons, ripened under the hot Sorrento sun. They still use the traditional method of Limoncello production by peeling the lemons by hand. This ensures that the tiny oil sacs contained in the zest remain intact, giving an intense flavour and a freshness to the Limoncello. The peel is then macerated in 96% pure alcohol and once the requisite amount of flavour has been extracted, it is removed and a demineralised sugar syrup is added to the alcohol to lower its strength and balance any bitterness imparted to the alcohol by the peel.

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